Panasonic G1 Barcode Types EA21 and EA11

Fixing the Audio Issue After the CF-30F (MK2) Windows 7 Upgrade

GPS registry edit after upgrading to Windows 7 (CF-19, CF-30)

Installing Toughbook Touchscreen Driver
How to install touchscreen driver for CF-18, CF-19, CF-29 Toughbooks.

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Locating Toughbook Model Information

Upgrading Hard Drive in Panasonic CF-18
Step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your old CF-18 hard drive to a new fast 320GB beast. With pictures.

Guide: Installing OEM GPS Kit in Panasnic CF-18
Summary: Installing OEM GPS Kit in Panasonic CF-18. IMPORTANT! This is not a manual. If you decide to follow these instructions, do it at your own risk!

Decoding Panasonic CF-18 Model Number
Each letter in Panasonic CF-18 model number corresponds to a specific option installed.

Panasonic CF-29 Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade
How to replace hard drive in Panasonic CF-29

GPS Software for Toughbooks
Freeware GPS monitoring programs.

Decoding Panasonic CF-28 Model Number
Full model number looks like CF-28ABCDEFG. Each letter corresponds to a specific option.

Upgrading Hard Drive in Panasonic Toughbook CF-T2/W2/Y2
Panasonic CF-T2, CF-Y2 and CF-W2 use 3 Volt hard drives. Most ATA-6 hard drives sold in retail are not compatible since they require 5 Volts. With slight modification you can install 5V hard drive in your CF-T2, CF-W2 or CF-Y2.

Digitizer and Resistive Touchscreen Explained
Many people are getting confused when dealing with digitizer equipped notebooks like Toughbook CF-18 or CF-19. We’ll try to explain the difference.

Procedure to Setup the Touchscreen Driver