Procedure to Setup the Touchscreen Driver

In order to load the touch screen drivers, please follow these instructions.

  1. Go into device manager.
  2. Click on the plus(+) sign next to the Mouse and Other pointing devices entry.
  3. Highlight the PS/2 device and right mouse click on it, then chose update driver (if not present, select Properties and then Update driver).
  4. When the Update driver wizard opens, it may open to a screen asking you to connect to Windows update, select No, not this time and select next.
  5. At the next screen, select install from a list or specific
    location, and select next.
  6. At this screen select, don’t search. I will choose the driver to
    install, and select next.
  7. At the Show compatible hardware screen, highlight the PS/2
    compatible mouse entry and click on the have disk button.
  8. At the Install form Disk screen, select browse, and at the locate file window, find the location where you unpacked the touchscreen drivers. Highlight the file and select Open. After you select open, it will
    take you back to the Install from Disk box and now the location of the
    file you have selected will be in the space marked, Copy manufacture’s
    file from, at this screen select OK. This will take you back to the
    Show compatible hardware, where now it should say touchscreen/
    touchpad. If there are more than 1 entry, just highlight one of the
    entries and select next. Files should start to transfer and you may
    get a message about the driver not being approved, just select Continue anyway.
  9. This will complete the install. Reboot the unit and when it powers back on and you sign into windows, the touchscreen should work.

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