Locating Toughbook Model Information


Model Version

 (A) The "model version" or "full model number" starts with "CF-" followed by nine characters. The model version number is located at the bottom of the Toughbook unit in a grey rectangle.

 (B) "Mark" or "mk" Indicator.  The sixth character in the model version number indicates "Mark" ("mk") or the iteration of the model due to hardware revisions during its life cycle. Example: CF-19F corresponds to MK2. 

  • CF-18D
  • CF-18E
  • CF-18F
  • CF-18G
  • CF-18H
  • CF-18J
  • CF-18K
  • CF-18L
  • CF-18N
  • CF-18P
  • CF-19C
  • CF-19D
  • CF-19E
  • CF-19F
  • CF-19G
  • CF-19H
  • CF-19K
  • CF-19L
  • CF-19M
  • CF-19Q
  • CF-19R
  • CF-19S
  • CF-19T
  • CF-19V
  • CF-19A
  • CF-19B
  • CF-19X
  • CF-29C
  • CF-29D
  • CF-29H
  • CF-29J
  • CF-29L
  • CF-29M
  • CF-29N
  • CF-29P
  • CF-30C
  • CF-30D
  • CF-30F
  • CF-30G
  • CF-30K
  • CF-30L
  • CF-30M
  • CF-30Q
  • CF-31A 
  • CF-31B
  • CF-31E
  • CF-31C
  • CF-31D
  • CF-31G

  • CF-31J
  • CF-31K
  • CF-31K Value Core i3
  • CF-31M
  • CF-31N
  • CF-31P
  • CF-31Q Value Core i3
  • CF-31R

(A) Model Number
On the bottom of your Toughbook, you’ll find a model number listed under “Panasonic.” The model number starts with “CF-” followed by 2 characters. Ex: “CF-74”

(B) Model Version
On the bottom of your Toughbook, you’ll find a grey rectangle with numbers and bar codes. The model version starts with “CF-” followed by nine characters. Ex: “CF-74CCBGFBM”

(C) Serial Number
In the same rectangle, look below the Model Version.

(D) ESN Number
Look for a white sticker next to the Microsoft Windows® license on the bottom of your Toughbook.

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