FZ-M1CEHCHCM with GPS, Bridge Battery and LAN

FZ-M1CEHCHCM with GPS, Bridge Battery and LAN Type: Fully Rugged
Status: Current
Model Number: FZ-M1CEHCHCM
MSRP, $: 3040
Operating System: Windows 7 Pro (Win 8.1 Pro COA)
CPU: Core i5‑4302Y 1.60GHz
Touchscreen : Yes
Display: 7.0" WXGA Gloved Multi Touch
Memory (RAM): 8GB
Hard Drive: 128GB SSD
Wi-Fi: yes
Keyboard: None
GPS: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Wireless Broadband (WWAN): None
Serial Port: No
Warranty: 3-year Toughbook Preffered

Windows 7 Professional (with Win 8.1 Pro COA), Intel Core i5‑4302Y 1.60GHz, 7.0" WXGA Gloved Multi Touch LCD, 128GB Solid State Drive, 8GB, Wi‑Fi, Bluetooth, GPS Receiver, Dual Pass (Upper WWAN / Lower GPS), Bridge Battery, LAN, Camera, Webcam, TPM 1.2, Toughbook Preferred

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